A Destination

Les Clos desires to be your home for truly balanced wine, sake, beer, coffee, and food in San Francisco.

Balance is the idea that in a finished product, one element should not outweigh any other. Wine, beer, and coffee are very complex beverages that undergo processes which change it dramatically from its raw elements to its finished state. The final product has many pieces that need to fit together like a puzzle: acidity, aroma, flavor, structure, and in the case of wine, sake and beer, alcohol. We strive to find an equilibrium amongst these parts, a smooth edge, stability, harmony...

Les Clos circa 1945, 234 Townsend, SoMa San Francisco



Wines that come from a balanced and sustainable beginning: farming practices, respect for terroir, respect for workers. Classic and delicious, hand picked by Mark Bright.



Beers that show diversity and uniqueness, locally made brews introducing flavors of the region.

Sightglass Coffee, which brings the personality of its origin, personality of its roasters, and a taste of San Francisco.

Sample single-origin teas from Five Mountains and long-aged Pu-erhs from Mountain View Tea Garden.



Small plates, full dishes, pastries, and ice cream that are made from local ingredients and local purveyors. The flavors and freshness of wine country, whichever country that may be.